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Household and Industrial Products

Hair Away


Convenient sizes, pints or quarts, 1/2 Gallon & Gallon HAIR AWAY safely and easily dissolves hair and soap scum in bathroom drains. Excellent as preventive maintenance, HAIR AWAY is a main-stay in Hotel, Motels, Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Apartment Houses, even tough jobs, like Dog Kennels. HAIR AWAY is truly the great bathroom drain un-clogger.

Simply pour one cup of HAIR AWAY into the drain of your tub, shower or bathroom sink. Leave standing overnight. Flush with hot water and your drain will once again flow free. In severe cases, several applications may be required.

Garbage Disposal Cleaner


Safe and effective, SEPTICLEAR DISPOSAL CLEANER is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, non poisonous and non-corrosive. It cleans your garbage disposal and connecting lines, removes food deposits and eliminates odors. It's also an aid to your septic system.

Pour one tablespoon into your disposal , sink and/or drain. Follow with one cup of warm water.

For best results let stand overnight.

Drain "B" Cleaner

& Grease Trap Digester

ENZYME-BACTERIA, No chemicals, all organic and biodegradable. Great for Bars, Restaurants & Kitchens, also Holding tanks in RVs, Boats, Urinals, Compost piles, Worm farms, Septic tanks, Cesspools, Sandfilters & Drainfields.

Use after all activities have stopped for the evening. Fill one full teaspoon, diluted in a cup of luke warm water (not hot).

For best results repeat once a week.

Drain Opener


No residential kitchen should be without it. DRAIN OPENER is biodegradable, works fast and will not harden in drain lines. Whatever is clogging up your kitchen sink- grease, paper, cloth, food scraps, even tea bags, SEPTICLEAR DRAIN OPENER is the safe, easy to use un-clogger.

*Do not use in Restaurants & Bars (use HAIR AWAY). Do not mix with other Drain Openers. (May cause a violent reaction)

To open most blocked drains, pour one cup to one quart directly into the drain. Leave standing 5 to 30 minutes, then flush with cold water. Repeat treatment if necessary.

Septic System Products

Super Pack Bacteria


Safe, non-toxic and odorless, SUPER PACK BACTERIA is the perfect biodegradable liquefier for Septic tanks, Drainfields and Cesspools. Containing seven special bateria and grease dissolving enzymes, waste solids are converted into natural gases and harmless liquids. Special packing assures alost indefinte shelf-life. Warranty Card inside each box. Contains 400 billion enzyme producing bacteria.

One package flushed down toilet every six months gives our Septic Tank/Cesspool sufficient bacteria to do the day-to-day job of digestin organic solids.

For most effective and long term results, use together with SEPTICLEAR CHEMICAL TREATMENT.

The Unclogger

The Unclogger

SEPTICLEAR CHEMICAL TREATMENT cleans and restores Septic tanks, Drainfields and Cesspools without pumpin or digging. A biodegradable combination of acids, root eradicators and corrosion inhibitors rapidly and efficiently dissolves accumulations of degradeable solids. Balances pH in system. Damage to pipes, concrete or steel tank walls is prevented due to Exclusive corrosion inhibitors.

*Do not use with alkali products.

Follow directions on label. Best and quickest results are obtained by applying CHEMICAL TREATMENT through cleanout or floor drainwater discharge pipe.

To treat Drainfields, pour through distribution box directly into drains.

*Do not pour down toilets.

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